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Vibration brick machine
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Vibration brick machine

We are a leading Manufacturer of fully automatic vibration block making machine, multi material vibration block making machine, multi-function vibration block making machine, semi-automatic vibration block making machine, vibration block making…
$1500 ~ 9000 USD
Capacity: 3000 Total Power: 18kw - 110kw
3 YEAR WARRANTY Easy maintenance Very cheap Efficient
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Fully Automatic Vibration Block Making Machine Compact design and semi-automatic control, with easy operation. Low investment brings you cost saving.

Highly productive moulding device, which consists 360 rotating and compulsory feeding of raw materials, platform vibrating and compression shaping, greatly improves the cycle time. The finished blocks are of good shape and high quality.

Fully Automatic Vibration Block Making Machine Our machines, with harmonic cooperation between mechanical, electrical and hydraulic machines functions, guarantees a reliable and high production output of concrete products.

The moulds are changeable, and it is able to produce various kind of blocks,bricks,interlocks, pavers and kerbstones in different types, sizes, shapes, and colour layers.

Fully Automatic Vibration Block Making Machine With face mix device, its able to produce pavers with colour layer.


  • Stable & Reliable

    6 step protection system ensures safety during operation
    Ethernet connections for fast and reliable communications
    Computer controlled manufacturing process

  • Cost Effective

    Lower initial investment for quicker profits
    Lower aggregate capacity for lower energy consumption
    Lower loader fuel consumption results lower operating costs

  • Small & Flexible

    Small footprint requires less site space
    Enter and exit on both sides. Flexible layout allows setup on any site

  • Convenient & Fast

    Modular design allows an installation time of only 4 days
    Major components can be quickly and easily relocated



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Cooperate Procedure

Cooperate Procedure
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