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Small Concrete Batching Plant for Sale in Indonesia

Small Concrete Batching Plant for Sale in Indonesia

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Indonesia is a very important market for YCZG in Southeast Asia, YCZG small concrete batching plant is very popular there, we have sent small concrete batching plant to Indonesia many times, we have many loyal dealers and partners in Indonesia.

Small concrete batching plant for sale in Indonesia

Small Concrete Batching Plant - Small production equipment for producing concrete and concrete mixtures. Compact dimensions, short installation times and high mobility give advantages to such plants. Due to the small and ergonomic dimensions of the process plant, small concrete plants with wheels can be installed on sites with limited free space. If you need to change the location of your production facility frequently, use a mobile micro-concrete plant. Its installation and commissioning takes less than 1 day and it can be towed by car or transported on wheels.

Small Concrete Batching Plant for Sale in Indonesia

Small Concrete batching Plant Structure

Traditionally, a small concrete plant consists of a complete set of interrelated technical equipment.

  • Dispensers for water, chemical additives, cement, aggregates.
  • Transport mechanisms: jump lifts, belts or screw conveyors.
  • Operator control panel.
  • Concrete batching plant.
  • Silos for cement, chemical additives and aggregates.
  • Water storage tanks.
  • Heating center for operation in negative ambient air temperature conditions.

The type and performance of the complete plant may vary for each particular model of small plant. To improve the ease of operation, small concrete plants can be equipped with additional equipment: filters, heaters and other accessories.

Advantages of small concrete batching plant

The small concrete plants manufactured by YCZG have the following advantages:

  • Affordable price of the main plant and additional equipment compared to the offers of other manufacturers.
  • Fast installation/dismantling due to modular design and simple connection types.
  • Complete automation of the production process allows the use of a minimum number of service personnel.
  • Thanks to the purchase of additional equipment, small plants can operate all year round.
  • No capital is required to prepare foundations and to install foundations for production equipment.
  • The operating costs of a small concrete plant are much lower than those of a large concrete plant.

What do I need to operate a small concrete batching plant?

For full operation of small concrete production, you should meet the following conditions:

  • Production site with main communications: access to water, electricity, raw material transportation and finished product options.
  • Samll concrete plant has been purchased and assembled at a previously prepared site.
  • Stable and regular supply of raw materials: crushed stone, cement, gravel, sand, chemical additives.
  • Prepared and trained staff to maintain the production equipment.
  • Adjusted main and auxiliary process equipment.

YCZG offers various models of concrete equipment from world famous Chinese manufacturers. Perfect production quality combined with high productivity and mobility make YCZG small concrete plants one of the best concrete plants in the world.

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