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Drum Concrete Mixer
Drum Concrete Mixer (1) Drum Concrete Mixer (2) Drum Concrete Mixer (3) Drum Concrete Mixer (4)

Drum Concrete Mixer

Features of JZC Drum Concrete Mixer 1. Easy to contorl 2. Good mixing quality 3. Outstanding structure 4. Wheel style for easily moving 5. Different sizes and color to meet your production needs
$1500 ~ 9000 USD
Capacity: 300L - 1500L Total Power: 10kw - 60kw
Cheap 3 YEAR WARRANTY Easy to move Easy maintenance
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Drum type concrete mixers are important part of the concrete mixers available today. They are most suited for small to large capacity machines. As the name suggests, the mixer is drum type with an opening in one end or in some cases two ends. The material used to make concrete (aggregates, sand, cement, water) are mixed inside the drum as the drum rotates. But it is not as simple as it seems there are designed flights inside the drum that help in mixing and unloading the contents. The mixer is filled and emptied by rotating it in clockwise and anticlockwise direction, tipping it (tilting) or opening it. Rotation is controlled and suitable for better mixing.

Drum concrete mixers are known to have the lowest operating and maintenance costs among all mixers. They are used and preferred when the cost of production is one of the major factors. Even high volumes of concrete can be produced by the use of these mixers.


  • Stable & Reliable

    6 step protection system ensures safety during operation
    Ethernet connections for fast and reliable communications
    Computer controlled manufacturing process

  • Cost Effective

    Lower initial investment for quicker profits
    Lower aggregate capacity for lower energy consumption
    Lower loader fuel consumption results lower operating costs

  • Small & Flexible

    Small footprint requires less site space
    Enter and exit on both sides. Flexible layout allows setup on any site

  • Convenient & Fast

    Modular design allows an installation time of only 4 days
    Major components can be quickly and easily relocated


Discharging Volume(L)250350500750
Charging Volume(L)3205608001200
Mixing Drum Rotational Speed(r∕min)17141313
Maximum Size Of Aggregate(mm)606060-8060-80
Accuracy of Water Supply≤2%≤2%≤2%≤2%
Power SourceElectric/Diesel EngineElectric/Diesel EngineElectric/Diesel EngineElectric/Diesel Engine
Mixing Motor(Kw)45.51115
Lifting Motor(Kw)
Water Pump Motor(Kw)0.550.550.751.1
Type Specification6.50-166.50-167.50-16 
Maximum Towing Speed (km/h)201420 
Overall Dimensions(mm)2260×1990×27502766×2140×30005226×2200×54606116×2056×6060


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Cooperate Procedure

Cooperate Procedure
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