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Concrete pump truck
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Concrete pump truck

truck-mounted concrete pumps adopt 8 core technologies of one button stabilization, boom anti-vibration, energy saving, anti overswing, fault self diagnosis, safety, smart boom system and highly wear resistant parts to ensure smooth pumping and safe…
$1500 ~ 9000 USD
Capacity: 90m3/h - 180m3/h Total Power: 18kw - 110kw
3 YEAR WARRANTY Easy maintenance Very cheap Efficient
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Pumping concrete is the unit’s main job, and hydraulics help to get it done. But concrete placement only happens successfully if the truck is firmly planted on the ground. The boom may reach out 100 ft or more. To keep the unit from tipping, a set of outriggers reach out from the truck much further than on most cranes. These long-reach outriggers typically need telescopic cylinders to extend them and later to tuck them away. High quality, pilot-operated check valves keep the down-cylinders locked against the ground.

The operator’s remote pendant gives them control of the pumping rate described earlier, and also fine control of the various sections of the boom as well as swing motion. A separate open-loop piston pump is configured with a load-sensing (flow compensated) controller, which limits the pump to a pressure margin just higher than the most demanding boom function. The pump flow path for this circuit is open loop (tank to tank), but the control of flow rate and pressure is closed-loop. The load sense shuttle valve network inside the electro-proportional valve bank sends the highest function pressure back to the pump compensator/controller to make continuous adjustments. Pre-spool compensators in each section of the valve bank help to keep flow steady to lighter loaded boom cylinders already in motion, as the pump up-strokes in response to a heavier loaded boom section. This well-designed and tuned system gives the operator the ability to make smooth motions with the boom to move the placement hose to where it is needed during a pour, without wasting extra energy.


  • Stable & Reliable

    6 step protection system ensures safety during operation
    Ethernet connections for fast and reliable communications
    Computer controlled manufacturing process

  • Cost Effective

    Lower initial investment for quicker profits
    Lower aggregate capacity for lower energy consumption
    Lower loader fuel consumption results lower operating costs

  • Small & Flexible

    Small footprint requires less site space
    Enter and exit on both sides. Flexible layout allows setup on any site

  • Convenient & Fast

    Modular design allows an installation time of only 4 days
    Major components can be quickly and easily relocated



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Cooperate Procedure
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