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Linear Concrete Pump
Linear Concrete Pump (1) Linear Concrete Pump (2) Linear Concrete Pump (3)

Linear Concrete Pump

The Linear Concrete Pump is a concrete and screed pump, mounted onto a small road going vehicle. It is installed on the truck base, so employees can directly drive it to work on site. However, these types of concrete pump trucks do not have a boom,…
$1500 ~ 9000 USD
Capacity: 25m3/h-90m3/h Total Power: 10kw - 60kw
3 YEAR WARRANTY Easy maintenance Very cheap Efficient
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This is the ultimate City Pump for concrete pumping and shotcrete applications. Large capacity diesel fuel tanks (truck & pump) allow for all-day work thanks to the high efficient Isuzu 4 cylinder. The YCZG has introduced a computer controlled machine in 2020, thus increasing efficiency, safety and optimal operation.

On-board 150 gallon water tank and electric water pump allows for cleanliness and improved water flushing capabilities. Solid-state components along with separated battery and charging systems ensures this system is duty rated for the toughest conditions.

The aluminum bed extends a total of 13.5′ with side posts for safe hose loading and unloading. Side posts make for an easy storage location for clamps, making counting of the clamps easy post operation.


  • Wireless Controlled Concrete Pump
  • Auto Lube system for longevity
  • Separate Fuel Systems
  • Main and Auxiliary Batteries and Charging Systems
  • Dual Cylinder S-Tube Shift w/Accumulator
  • 19 gallon Diesel fuel tank on the TK40
  • Compact foot print for tight access job sites



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Cooperate Procedure

Cooperate Procedure
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