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How should I maintain my concrete batching plant?

How should I maintain my concrete batching plant?

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Every concrete batching plant users want to be able to complete their work smoothly every day, without any conditions and problems, but every machinery can not always be free of problems, a batching plant so many equipment and people in the management, there will certainly be different problems, especially in the case of long periods of non-use in the event of problems users to do steady but not chaotic. In order to concrete batching plant soon into good working condition, how should the concrete batching plant not used for a long time maintenance?


How to maintain a concrete batching plant

Disassembled and stored separately

For long-term idle commercial concrete batching plants, the relevant accessories of the mixing system such as concrete mixer, conveyor belt, cement silo, weighing system, etc. should be dismantled and stored separately to avoid loss and damage.

Make it waterproof and rust-proof

Do a good job in waterproofing and rust prevention of the whole commercial concrete batching plant. Waterproofing here mainly refers to the erosion of rain and snow, and try to ensure that the mixing plant area is as dry as possible.concrete batching plant conveyors, dust collectors need to be cleaned, checked and maintained and issued in a dry place.

Regular maintenance

Regularly lubricate the bearings and other important structures of the mixing plant to prevent problems after a long period of non-operation.The Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer of the concrete batching plant should be cleaned up, and the bearings should be lubricated where they need to be lubricated; finally, the materials in the material storage system should be specially classified and sorted, and attention should be paid to anti-freezing measures in winter.

Dry and tidy

Clean the batching bins of the concretebatching plant to keep them dry and tidy; avoid the erosion of rain and snow when the concrete batching plant is placed in the open air.

If you need to use the mixing plant which has been idle for a certain period of time, you should first test the production with no load to see if there are any problems during the trial run, and then feed the production after determining that everything is normal.I hope the above information will help you, which do not understand the place can call our phone.

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