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How to choose cone crusher equipment?

How to choose cone crusher equipment?

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A complete aggregate Production line mainly includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, feeder, washing equipment, etc. When configuring a complete production line we have to select and match the equipment according to the specific requirements of the customer.As a secondary crushing plant in the production line, the cone crusher plays a very important role in the production line. The cone crusher has great advantages for many kinds of hard materials.

Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher Performance Advantages

Crushing Principle

The proprietary laminated crushing principle makes the cubic proportion of the finished product significantly higher, the needle-shaped particles are reduced and the grading is more reasonable.

High production capacity

The combination of crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing cavity shape can produce 35%-60% higher output than spring cone crusher.

Protection device

The multi-point split hydraulic lubrication control system ensures double protection of the equipment bearing lubrication and overload protection.

Stable operation

When debris enters the cavity, the over-iron protection device will automatically release it and then immediately reset it, without affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

How to choose a cost effective cone crusher?

1. First, to determine the hardness and capacity of the ore, such as, basalt, granite, etc. suitable for the choice of cone crusher; 100-800 tons per hour range can determine the corresponding type and equipment model.

2. Secondly, the price, quality and after-sales service of the equipment are very important and customers should compare them according to their specific needs.

3. Finally, when the cone crusher is selected, attention should be paid to the maintenance and care of the equipment in its daily work, which will help to increase the life of the equipment.

Cooperate Procedure

Cooperate Procedure
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