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Mobile crushers for sale

Mobile crushers for sale

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What is a mobile crusher?

Mobile crusher, also known as mobile crushing plant, is a kind of rock crushing equipment developed to match the mobile crusher's mobile crushing and screening integrated equipment on the basis of the original crusher. Compared with the previous crusher, the mobile crusher can reach the operation site directly and start the operation according to the customer's demand without the construction of the basic skeleton, which greatly expands the field of coarse crushing operation concept on the basis of saving time and transportation cost.

A complete mobile crushing production line is typically paired with a mobile jaw crusher + mobile impact crusher, a double machine to achieve coarse and fine crushing operations for stone and construction waste. It only takes a few days to set up the whole production line without piling, which is almost thirty days faster than a Stationary Crushing Plant.


Mobile crushing plant equipment classification

According to the different chassis, the mobile crushing plant can be divided into two types: tyre type and crawler type, where the tyre mobile crushing plant is mainly used for crushing small and medium-sized ore and stone quarries, as well as some urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites; while the crawler mobile crushing plant is generally used in a more severe environment, and even needs to climb the slope to work in large crushing production lines.

According to the different fineness of the crushing products, our mobile crushing plant can be divided into three categories: coarse, medium and fine, mainly including jaw mobile crushing plant, impact mobile crushing plant, cone mobile crusher, impact mobile crushing plant, etc. As to how they are selected, everything will be determined by the type of local raw materials and the specific situation of the output and finished material requirements of the customer.

Mobile crusher performance advantages

Small footprint, easy to use, high efficiency

The integrated truck-mounted grouping machine covers a small area and can be moved around at will when hooked up to the front of the truck, making it easy to operate and more efficient.

Powerful, one-off operation

The machine is a combination of crushing, screening, conveying and feeding equipment, which can be used to form many types of sand and gravel materials at one time.

Flexible combination of machines for a wide range of applications

In addition to the existing types of plant, the mobile crusher can also provide more flexible process configurations according to the customer's material type and product requirements in the process, thus meeting the diversified production needs of customers.

Sealed and environmentally friendly

The environmentally friendly mobile crusher operates in an enclosed environment, reducing dust spillage, and with the aid of a number of new multi-effect dust extraction devices, dust can be more effectively controlled on site to achieve almost "zero dust" operation.

Cooperate Procedure

Cooperate Procedure
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