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The 4 processes of construction waste disposal

The 4 processes of construction waste disposal

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With the rapid development of society, urbanization has brought great convenience to people's life, but it has also brought many problems. Such as urban construction waste disposal problem, urbanization construction has produced a large amount of construction waste, these construction waste is not well handled, resulting in "construction waste around the city" problem, bringing a lot of inconvenience to people's lives.

YCZG construction waste crusher equipment can well crush the construction concrete, after processing the material can be used for paving, construction and other domains, truly realize the reuse of waste, in line with the concept of energy-saving and environmentally friendly development. The following YCZG will introduce the process of construction waste treatment.

The 4 processes of construction waste disposal

1、Construction waste pretreatment

construction rubbish

Before processing and crushing, construction waste raw materials are well pre-treated, including (optional) the use of hydraulic hammers to reduce the size of oversized pieces of material, cut off the over-length steel bars, prevent damage to the conveyor belt, sorting large pieces of debris, etc.. Avoid these large pieces of metal impurities to the later stages of equipment damage.

2、Crushing and processing stage

Hammer crusher

After the construction waste is pretreated, it can be crushed and processed. Generally, the vibrating feeder will send the construction waste to the hammer crusher (or jaw crusher, impact crusher, etc.) evenly and steadily for crushing, and the large pieces of concrete will be processed into small pieces of materials, and the actual engineering application proves that the process can crush the construction waste.

3、Screening and processing of iron removal

Vibrating feeder screen

Crushed construction concrete also needs to be removed from iron screening, materials through the iron remover will be separated from iron metals such as steel, sand and gravel materials through the vibrating screen to form different specifications of finished sand, stone, a small amount of material does not meet the fineness requirements to return to the crusher to reprocess, forming a closed circuit, the finished material grade requirements.

4、Powder grinding stage

Construction waste grinding equipment

According to the customer's production needs, the material can be ground, generally with a suspension roller mill can be further processed after crushing the material to produce different grades of powder. These powders can be used as raw materials for high value-added products such as brick making, cement and concrete mixes.

The equipment that needs to be used in the process of construction waste processing mainly includes vibrating feeder, hammer crusher (or mobile crushing plant, jaw crusher, etc.), iron remover, circular vibrating screen, belt conveyor, grinding mill, etc.. With these equipments, the construction waste can be processed and processed to realize the recycling of construction waste.

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