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Spare Parts

Spare Parts

The main accessories of YCZG concrete mixing plant include: mixer wearing parts, mixer reducer, host coupling, hydraulic oil pump, air compressor, tension sensor, pressure sensor, sensor connection box, manual butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, cylinder, batching plant junction box, screw conveyor, flaky cement silo, etc.

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  • Screw conveyor

    Screw conveyor

  • Sheet cement silos

    Sheet cement silos

  • Consumable parts of mixer

    Consumable parts of mixer

  • Host reducer

    Host reducer

  • Host coupling

    Host coupling

  • Hydraulic oil pump

    Hydraulic oil pump

  • Air compressor

    Air compressor

  • Tension sensor

    Tension sensor

  • Pressure Sensor

    Pressure Sensor

  • Manual butterfly valve

    Manual butterfly valve

  • Sensor connection box

    Sensor connection box

  • Batching plant junction box

    Batching plant junction box

YCZG Concrete Mixing Plant Advantages

Cooperate Procedure

Cooperate Procedure
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