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JS2000 Concrete Mixer
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JS2000 Concrete Mixer

The JS2000 concrete mixer is a belt feeding twin -shaft concrete mixer with 60s working cycle time and high mixing efficiency. Each batch can discharge standard 2 cubic meters of concrete. It can mix various grades of concrete, lightweight aggregate…
$18999 ~ 21850 USD
Capacity: 120m³/h Total Power: 110kW
Wear-resisting lining board Shaft-end sealing technology Multiple protection devices easy to operate and low noise
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JS2000 concrete mixer is a large Twin-shaft concrete mixer produced by YCZG Group, which can be used to mix concrete, light aggregate concrete and mortar of various concrete proportions. It is an advanced and reliable large concrete mixer, mainly used in most large construction sites, commercial concrete mixing plants, various engineering stations, large brick plants, etc.

The JS2000 forced concrete mixer produced by YCZG Group is made up of precision machined parts and high quality wear-resistant alloy casting parts after more than 20 years of research and development and combined with international advanced technology, which has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and durability.


  • High reliability, uniform mixing, easy operation, low noise and environmental protection.
  • Patented air pressure sealing technology to ensure the prevention of mortar leakage
  • Double motors and reducers but high efficiency
  • Belt feeding and adjustable hydraulic discharge gate
  • High wear-resistant chrome-manganese alloy plate and blade
  • High chrome, high molybdenum scale plate and mixing parts
  • Long-term continuous operation of the mixing system by automatic lubrication system


ModelDischarge capacityFeed capacityTheoretical productivity

Maximum granule of aggregate


Working cycle timePower of stirred motorSpeed of stirred motor

Shape size

(Length, width and height)








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Cooperate Procedure
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